brighton food and drink festival

we missed most of the brighton & hove food and drink festival but we did manage to make it to the market at hove lawns on the last weekend for a very tasty lamb burger from one of the stalls! yummo.


guitars at the beach

some typical scenes from brighton beach in the september sunshine (although it was very windy!) and a cheeky crow on the pebbles.

i was at the beach last week taking some photographs of the jewellery a friend of mine has been making for her new little etsy shop called one more no more. she gave me a white guitar necklace as a birthday gift. i love it!


a new chapter

so the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new. i can't believe we left vienna two weeks ago already. i'm still feeling a little lost and am trying to settle into life back in brighton but i'm excited to start rediscovering my hometown through this new blog.

this began last week with a walk over the hills behind where my grandparents live to falmer village (which I haven't done since i was a child). luckily for us the sun was shining that day (i hear it has been a pretty rare occurrence around here this summer) and i was reminded how lovely the view is down to the sea in the distance. we also enjoyed a local sussex ale in the pub before making the walk back home.