so, i'm still trying to adjust back to life in brighton.

the last few months have kind of disappeared in a blur. we temporarily moved into a small flat above my grandparents place but find ourselves still here. it is comfortable enough but with all our possessions still in storage (except for what we were able to bring in 3 suitcases) it is starting to drive me a little nuts. i need my stuff!

i've been watching a lot of bad daytime tv. it sucks you in.

still no job. i can't even bring myself to apply for anything that is on offer. i miss my old job but i'm trying to stay optimistic that something will turn up eventually. maybe 2013 is the year for new beginnings.


during october i spent a lot of time volunteering for the brighton photo biennial (BPB12 curated by photoworks) which was a fantastic experience. there were many venues around the city but i was mostly based inside a converted blue shipping container on the beach (called ROOM). we endured all weathers down there! it kept me busy though. now i'm back to job searching.


brighton zombie walk

it seems like a long time ago now but this year in october i took part in the beach of the dead zombie walk in brighton. basically lots and lots of people dress up as zombies and all walk together along an organised route through the city and along the beach. so much fun! the after party had an 80's theme hence why i look so 80's! my outfit was totally thrown together last minute but i hope to put a bit more thought and effort into next years.

i didn't take my camera with me so just managed to take a few snaps with my phone whilst trying to stay in zombie character. some people looked amazing and actually quite scary!



so life seems to have been pretty busy lately and i've been using my iphone to take photos much more than my camera. something i need to rectify!

so much has been happening since i last posted. i've been to berlin on holiday (which was fantastic!), i've been volunteering lots (which i'll tell you about another time), i've been dressed as a zombie (twice) and i've been attending 2 part-time courses (one in digital photography and the other in jewellery making). all good fun but i'm missing vienna and still feeling a little unsettled to be honest.

by the way, the we heart falafel is a newish place on sydney street, brighton and is well worth a visit for a simple and tasty (and very reasonable) homemade falafel wrap!