brighton zombie walk

it seems like a long time ago now but this year in october i took part in the beach of the dead zombie walk in brighton. basically lots and lots of people dress up as zombies and all walk together along an organised route through the city and along the beach. so much fun! the after party had an 80's theme hence why i look so 80's! my outfit was totally thrown together last minute but i hope to put a bit more thought and effort into next years.

i didn't take my camera with me so just managed to take a few snaps with my phone whilst trying to stay in zombie character. some people looked amazing and actually quite scary!

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  1. hahaha incredible pictures, in the beginning this kind of parties was that... just parties, but now i checked that in the past of the year, this is taking part of a subculture, and is interesting because the people is fronting more the death... is loosing the fear that religions are giving us for hundred of years.

    Regards Kerry