okay, i'll admit it. i've been terrible with this new blog (well, actually not so new anymore). i just haven't been posting. baaad.

despite currently taking an evening photography course, i seem to be taking less photos? i'm trying to work out why. i think in vienna everything was new but here everything seems the same to me. after all, i was born in brighton and have lived here for the majority of my life. i guess i'm struggling to see it through new eyes without taking the same old photographs that have been taken a million times before.

anyway, what have i been doing?

we've booked the venues for the wedding (June 2014) and the photographer! (very exciting).

i've joined bfit and have been getting my arse kicked into shape on hove lawns for the past month. i am by far the most unfit person in the group but i'm slowly getting better (despite feeling physically sick after mondays session).

we became obsessed with watching breaking bad and are now eagerly awaiting the final 8 episodes (it is seriously the best thing i've seen on tv in ages).

current obsession is watching homeland. SO good.

not much exciting cooking going on around here lately as we've been trying to eat super healthily, meaning tons of vegetables, salad, fruit and all things good for you. booooring.

still searching for a part-time job. again. booooring. my old team are currently in milan for a trade show. missing being a part of that.

so due to lack of employment i have officially taken on the role of housewife. i haven't quite made it to domestic goddess status yet (and quite unlikely to!).

talking of which, better get to the supermarket.....

be back soon.


  1. Anonymous9:14 pm

    How exciting that you have booked the venue already! Hope you are doing good, and that spring is coming to England too! Alles Liebe

  2. ooh i discovered this blog just now. pictuuuures! more pictuuuures! miss you. hope you had a good summer xx